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Stats are in

6000 Spins
572 Bets
245 Wins
118 1st D
87 2nd D
50 3rd D
27 4th D
19 5th D

D = Doubles needed to win, see full stats

The online casino roulette analyzer tool, feedback from users

Below is some of the feedback from users of the tool, suggestions and comments.

CathySpin said

"It's changed, is this version 2? the blue numbers are a brilliant idea, perfect stats to monitor columns and dozens, this way you can bet before being told to, example, column 1 (7) column 2 (2) I placed a bet on column 3 AND column 2 and won on C2 then bet again on both and won on C3 !! excellent addition to an already fantastic tool."

Admin reply

Hey CathySpin, you're right, it's Version 2 and has just gone live thanks for the feedback that's exactly what the blue numbers are for, to guide you into a decision.

SpinToWin said

"it's not 100% perfect but I guess challenging random numbers isn't going to be easy, but waiting for runs of a certain length is defo the way to go mate, can't wait for version 2, oh my odds are now up to 76% winning, before I found the tool I was under 50% thanks again"

bornloser said

"I think the tool is really useful, however I am actually down at the moment because I used it.
I always start out at with a 20p bet, which is safer, although the winings are lower.
However I had a run of 21 odd numbers, which I gave up after 10 bets"

JackR1 said

"atleast I now know where to watch, using the tool has increased my wins over 70% however, there are still a few long runs to be careful of, odds can seem to run on and on, I understand if you keep increaing the threshold no bets, or very few, will get placed but I think during a 300 spin session the tool IS working, best I have seen on the web, no downloads just a tool that actually does work!"

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