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Stats are in

6000 Spins
572 Bets
245 Wins
118 1st D
87 2nd D
50 3rd D
27 4th D
19 5th D

D = Doubles needed to win, see full stats

How the online casino roulette sequence analyzer works

Open your favourite roulette game from the casino website, place a dead bet (1 token on odd and 1 on even) spin the wheel 5 times then add those numbers to the analyzer, the analyzer will tell you if you should place a bet and where to place it, if there are no possible bets it will tell you not to bet, keep spinning the wheel and enter the number after each spin. When the analyzer starts to show you 'Place bet' and the type of bet to place, place the bet and keep doubling until the win, be patient don't try to out guess the game, losing happens faster than you think!

Dead bet

By placing a token on a pair, for example, 1 on red and 1 on black so you can spin the wheel without loosing while you are getting those numbers into the analyzer, is the safest method, although if the ball lands on green/zero you should only loose 1 token as it's an even bet.

Development of the online roulette sequence analyzer

Over a six month period I have played online roulette at 5 different casinos, over this period of time I noticed certain things happen quite often, you will have noticed this too, as a software developer in my real job I decided to find these routines and try to predict when they will happen and for how long, it took months to reach a 70% - 80% win rate but it has been reached, this gives you the edge over the house about 75% of the time which is much more than you could do without the analyzer as you would need to either write down all passed numbers or remember them, impossible. The analyzer wont tell you which number to bet on as online roulette wheels are NOT biased to any specific segment of the wheel from what I have seen, it will tell you which portion of the table to play, odds/evens, 1 - 18/19 - 36, red/black or dozens, 1st, 2nd and 3rd set of 12 numbers and columns 1, 2 or 3, dozens and columns are best as they return at 2:1 ratios, put a token on and get 3 back if you win.

I use the tool on 250 spin sessions, sounds like a lot but it only takes around 45 - 60 minutes to do, here's a typical sessions data, you need to keep data.

spin 25 2nd 12 double 4 times
spin 50 2nd 12 double 3 times
spin 63 odd win
spin 75 3rd 12 double 1 time
spin 76 19-36 win
spin 80 c3 double 4 times
spin 84 even double 3 times
spin 108 odd double 3 times
spin 142 even win
spin 147 3rd 12 win
spin 170 c3 double 2 times
spin 181 c1 double 3 times
spin 204 c3 double 2 times
spin 206 3rd 12 double 2 times
spin 246 red win


There are still some times when either column (c1, c2 & c3) or dozen bets (1st 12, 2nd 12 & 3rd 12) take you up to 8 - 10 doubles which is still scary so I found and use the following strategy to bet on them.

bet 1) 1 token (win return 3, up 2) (loose, down 1)
bet 2) 1 token (win return 3, up 1) (loose, down 2)
bet 3) 2 tokens (win return 6, up 2) (loose, down 4)
bet 4) 3 tokens (win return 9, up 2) (loose, down 7)
bet 5) 4 tokens (win return 12, up 1) (loose, down 11)
bet 6) 6 tokens (win return 18, up 1) (loose, down 17)
bet 7) 9 tokens (win return 27, up 1) (loose, down 26)
bet 8) 14 tokens (win return 42, up 2) (loose, down 40)
bet 9) 21 tokens (win return 63, up 2) (loose, down 61)
bet 10) 31 tokens (win return 93, up 1) (loose, down 92)
bet 11) 47 tokens (win return 141, up 2) (loose, down 139)
bet 12) 70 tokens (win return 210, up 1) (loose, down 209)

Getting to 70 tokens is scary but I have been there so I will probably move the threshold which will sadly remove some of the bets that win straight away but will make the longer runs a bit safer, unless I can work out another stratgey.

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