online casino roulette sequence analyzer
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Stats are in

6000 Spins
572 Bets
245 Wins
118 1st D
87 2nd D
50 3rd D
27 4th D
19 5th D

D = Doubles needed to win, see full stats

The online casino roulette sequence analyzer

This page will keep you updated on any progress or changes to the tool, currently Version ora-1 is being used and I am working on Version 1a (1 June 2009).


6 th June;

Version 2 is now being used, although the French area has been removed, as it's not yet safe, it is safer to disable it rather than risk high losses, sides has been added the trigger for the threshold is set to 11, meaning if left or right gets hit 11 times you will be alerted to make your decision of betting on the opposite side or not, remember, doubling up on this type of bet will quickly eat your balance, watch it for a few sessions to see how it would have done, if you feel safe try it, if not and you count too much doubling would have been needed, let me know so everyone can benefit.

5 June 09;

The threshold for columns, dozens, odd/even and red/black have been increased again after 1 report of a heavy odd run and high colour run, columns & doubles were increased due to my testing with the next version of the tool, the new version shows excellent statistics to add another dimension to the usage of the tool, here's a screenshot

As you can see from the image, dozens for example has (11) hits to the 3rd dozen (25-36) & (3) to the 2nd dozen (13-24) a total of 14 which tells you the 1st dozen hasn't been hit for 14 spins, time to bet?

After much possitive feedback the following changes have been implemented to Version 1, increased threshold on odds/evens, added columns and dozens alert.

You may have noticed the tool had an extra choice added for a few days I was testing the Voisins versus Orphelins versus Tiers segment of the wheel as it does return good payouts but as it's not 33% 33% 34% I decided to remove it and setup a testing script for my purposes, I am also working on sides of the wheel, from 0 through clockwise to 10 and 26 anti clockwise to 5, up to now I have had one run of 12 hits to the left hand side of the table so it's looking like it will be a suggestion/hint once in a while every few sessions but the return is high so it's worth it.

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