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Stats are in

6000 Spins
572 Bets
245 Wins
118 1st D
87 2nd D
50 3rd D
27 4th D
19 5th D

D = Doubles needed to win, see full stats

The truth about online roulette

Without taking note of what's happening, you have an 85% chance of losing, the house enjoys this advantage and you need to be able to turn that advantage in your favour, this tool can aid in that quest.

Roulette facts

Don't be greedy! and only gamble with money you can afford to lose, it does happen.

Ignore any FREE roulette systems or softwares available on the web as they never tell you about runs or sets of colours/odds-evens/high-low that will simply eat your balance, sure they promise to show you, at a guess, what number will be next, online roulette is purely random, you will loose with those strategies.

Your first deposit

You can start with as little as £50 and bet in small numbers, 10p, 25p, 50p for example or if you have plenty of money to risk, start with £250 and bet a pound a spin, your aim should be to make around £50 - £100 per day during 4 to 6 sessions (a session should last around 20 minutes, bank and close the game), if it looks like it's going good and you're happy with the sessions total, don't be greedy bank it and do something else for a while. Or even better, go to another online casino, I have multiple accounts and rotate my activities at a few of them each day so somedays I dont visit some of them, you don't really know if they are looking for patterns do you, stay below the radar if you can.

At the first thought of stopping the session STOP, if your session has been good and you think to yourself, now may be a good time for a coffee then do it, a bad set may be coming and if you're doubling up to make a pound it's not worth the heartache.

When a zero is landed on my personal opinion is to start a fresh, wait patiently for the next run, I have seen a good run on odds then a zero, at this point you would assume evens would be a good bet, wrong, I have seen the run of odds then a zero and another run of odds, if I had chosen to put tokens on evens my doubling ratio would have been at 128 not worth the risk for 5, so remember, start the next run after the zero.

Ignore information on roulette wheels being biased and that they will always favour a certain portion of the wheel, maybe they are in a real casino but they aren't online, they are completely random BUT they do have limits, I have found some of those limits and included them in the software, on average only 2 - 4 bets are needed to get the win:


The software tells you to bet on odds, you place 1 token on odd and spin, it lands on even, you loose 1 token so you double to 2 tokens, loose, double to 4 then 8 and it lands on odds, you make your profit plus your initial bet, on the odd occassion 2 - 4 isn't enough, you may get to 8, but if you were starting after 'Place bet' shows up, you should be around half way there already, patience and not being greedy may get you there slower, but, it will get you there.

Some known online roulette strategies

Force the green, to force the green or zero as it's known, place 1 token on red, one on black and 2 on zero, keep spinning the wheel until either the zero is landed on or 30 spins have been made, if you dont land on the zero within the 30 spins increase the zero bet to 3 for the next 10 spins, if you still dont hit the zero do the same again for the next 10 spins but put 4 tokens on the zero. As soon as you win close the game and start again.

Playing the colours, many resources online tell you to pick a colour, red or black and stick with it until it wins, increasing your bet by 2 every spin, this method is seriously floored as you can quickly get through your balance when doubling the bet each time, the maximum colours in a set that I have recorded is 13 reds which means your bet would have doubled 12 times, heres a quick calculation of what your 12th bet would have been.

bet one, 1 token
bet two, 2 tokens
bet three, 4 tokens
bet five, 8 tokens
bet six, 16 tokens
bet seven, 32 tokens
bet eight, 64 tokens
bet nine, 128 tokens
bet ten, 256 tokens
bet eleven, 512 tokens
bet twelve, 1024 tokens

Most online roulette games will have a maximum bet of 1000 so if you didn't win by bet eleven you wouldn't be allowed to place the 12th bet, your balance would have also needed to be over 1000 too, which is not worth the risk to win one token, the sequence analyzer would have greatly reduced this risk for you by only suggesting a bet from a certain point of the sequence by keeping track of 4 seperate sequences, so you don't need to.

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