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Stats are in

6000 Spins
572 Bets
245 Wins
118 1st D
87 2nd D
50 3rd D
27 4th D
19 5th D

D = Doubles needed to win, see full stats

The roulette sequence analyzer

Welcome to the analyzer page, before you launch the tool please read the following, these are strategies I have and am using currently, as you probably already know and understand, the simple martingale system, in my opinion, is the closest system there is, so, what the analizer does is work to the top scale of what could possibly come up next, you've probably been emptied by a bad run of reds while betting on black before, the analyzer uses these numbers to its advantage giving you the slight upperhand, just what you've been looking for? Launch the tool

Important note (6th June 09): The tool is now password protected, there are more users NOT providing any feedback, for the tool to work better I need to know if you experience any bad runs, if so on what, odds/evens, colours etc if you were using the tool on a daily basis please email me to request a user/password (Email Admin) your login will be manually added, I will add anyone who contacts me before 9pm any evening. Please make sure your email request contains the following (your details will not go onto any mailing lists etc)

  1. Your name
  2. Which online casino you are playing at
  3. How long is your session, how many bets do you place in that time
  4. The username you would like to use

The tool is confident in its predictions on colour, odd/even, 1-18/19-36 bets and fairly confident on dozens and columns, however, dozens and columns are not 50/50 so require a strategy as the odds ARE already against you as there are 2 other possible landing sections, when I say confident I mean its more than likely you will win on the first bet but there will always be doubling involved, here's 2 that I have tried with good results Launch the tool

Columns / Dozens betting strategy (my first choice)

bet 1) 1 token (win return 3, up 2) (loose, down 1)
bet 2) 1 token (win return 3, up 1) (loose, down 2)
bet 3) 2 tokens (win return 6, up 2) (loose, down 4)
bet 4) 3 tokens (win return 9, up 2) (loose, down 7)
bet 5) 4 tokens (win return 12, up 1) (loose, down 11)
bet 6) 6 tokens (win return 18, up 1) (loose, down 17)
bet 7) 9 tokens (win return 27, up 1) (loose, down 26)
bet 8) 14 tokens (win return 42, up 2) (loose, down 40)
bet 9) 21 tokens (win return 63, up 2) (loose, down 61)
bet 10) 31 tokens (win return 93, up 1) (loose, down 92)
bet 11) 47 tokens (win return 141, up 2) (loose, down 139)
bet 12) 70 tokens (win return 210, up 1) (loose, down 209)

2 columns or 2 dozens betting and doubling

bet 1) 2 on c1 & 2 on c2 (win return 6, up 2) (loose, down 4)
bet 2) 5 on c1 & 5 on c2 (win return 15, up 1) (loose, down 14)
bet 3) 15 on c1 & 15 on c2 (win return 45, up 1) (loose, down 44)
bet 4) 45 on c1 & 45 on c2 (win return 135, up 1) (loose, down 134)
bet 5) 135 on c1 & 135 on c2 (win return 405, up 1) (loose, down 404)

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